Covenant, not contract.

I am starting this blog without a title.  I am trying so hard to stay anonymous on here.  I want to post all of her information and all I know about her.  But, in the end it will expose me just as much as her.  She is crossing a line and I want to ruin her back, like she has ruined my life.  But, it sucks, because I am a good person.  And I want good things for people, no matter who they are or what they have done in life. I want to rip her face from her skull.  That’s the feeling deep down that I don’t really let surface.

One of my followers posted on her blog.  It sucks.  But the follower of me said what I want to say to her, too.  But mine would be a lot worse.

I started this blog as a way to get my feelings out and try to let some things go and it has helped.  But, I search the tag “affair” and find blogs of people who are currently in an affair or who are considering an affair.  I want to comment to them and tell them that what they are doing is the worst thing that they can do to a person who loves them as much as their spouse or other does.

Our therapist, as well as my pastor at my church, recently detailed how a marriage is a covenant and not a contract.  You should treat your spouse the same as you treat your kids.  You are in a covenant with your kids. If they don’t act right, you are not going to go and get another kid and play catch or go to the zoo with that kid.  You should feel the same way about your spouse and treat them accordingly.

Let that resonate for those of you who are currently considering or already in an affair.


7 thoughts on “Covenant, not contract.

    1. Yes. I have a follower who commented on her blog that she posted about her relationship with my husband. I am glad my follower commented what she did. I would have loved to have said the same, and worse. I don’t think she knows about my blog, and I kinda hope she really doesn’t.

      As much as I am putting myself out there with this blog, anonymity is extremely important to me.


      1. Anonymity is very important to me as well. It is the cloak that lets me say things I wouldn’t be able to say otherwise. Like you, there are not many people in my real life who know what he has done.

        Just curious, if you and your OW have a common follower wont she eventually land up here?

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  1. I realize most people keep their IDs secret but you did nothing wrong. Why do you need to keep all this a secret. If you start reading blogs written by betrayed spouse you will find wonderful support. Sadly there are tens of thousands of you out there in blogland.

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    1. I have been reading other blogs and I completely agree there is great support in them.

      I want to remain anonymous because of the shame it could bring to our family. Outside of my husband, the whore, myself, and one of my friends, right now no one else knows. I want to keep that circle small.


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