Adage or cliché?

Every day is a new day.  I guess that is true at just the words.  Today is not yesterday and tomorrow will not be today.  But how new is each new day, really?  How much of today do you carry into tomorrow?  And what did you bring from yesterday into today?

I don’t think that any one day can be a new day.  I think that there are things that, no matter what, will carry over.  They may lessen in capacity or in meaning, but they are still there.  I think the “new day” idea is really more of a new month or even new year.  Where you make changes, either in attitude or behavior, over a period of time.  Then, after a length of time has passed, it becomes a new day, compared to the very first day of the effort made.

Unless you are a single, unemployed, childless, homeless individual, you cannot do everything different today than you did yesterday.  You still know the same people who expect the same person you have always been, you still have to treat your children (mostly) the same way you always have, you still have bills to pay and a job to go to.

So, I guess what I’m saying is that, to me, every day is not a new day.  Every day will still contain the mess of yesterday and that will carry into tomorrow.  Small things can change, but the end result will be over time, not just days.

Just make the best of today and hope for the pain of today to be less when you get to tomorrow.

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